Welcome to Work Ethics (W.E.) Matter Too.  This project is in the planning and development phase and are in the process of getting our 501(c)3 status.  We will have the program launched by the spring of 2012. 

W. E. Matter Too is a program for LGBTQ youth ages 14-18.  Many of our LGBTQ youth are told they will never amount to anything, they will never hold a decent job, they are not worth putting forth the effort to help and so on.  These are some of the reason we see such a high rate of suicide amoung LGBTQ youth. We must find a solution to this problem.

Our training program is tailored to meet the needs of LGBTQ youth and expose them to the many possibilities they have in their choice of career paths.  W.E.Matter Too teaches many tools and skills needed in the work place.  Local professionals lead a variety of workshops on different subjects needed to get the youth ready for employment.  The youth are taught career training, business ethics, etiquette and more.

If you would be interested in helping with this project, presenting a training session in your area of expertise or providing an internship to some of these youths, please contact us at 352.373.1001 or email us at infor@wemattertoo.com.